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Simon Students THRIVE

An Academic Advocate, Life Coaching and Tutoring Company

Randee Simon, M.S., Ed.; CLC

C.E.O. / Academic Advocate / LIfe Coach / Tutor


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About Us

Helping Students to THRIVE and Parents to Survive

THRIVE was established in 2014 when the company's founder, Randee Simon, discovered that parents needed help now, more than ever, with their child's educational success. 

With the "Covid 19 Academic Slide," students are struggling to get back on track for success.  While learning online, many students missed necessary foundational skills. We see this greater need and want to help your child. We have trained student Life Coaches to track your child and teach "Executive Functioning Skills for Success."  These skills include: planning, goal setting, time management, task initiation, self control, attention, flexibility, perseverance, organization and working memory.

 In addition, our Academic Advocates are familiar with state and district rules and will advocate for your child's educational rights and academic plans.  For those students with I.E.P's and/or 504 plans, we can monitor your child's schools adherence to their educational accommodations. 

We service grades K through college.  As a team that truly comprehends what it takes for students of all ages to be successful, we have state licensed and certified teachers, counselors, and educational psychologists.  Our team is an experienced, dynamic group of professional, compassionate, experienced specialists, all with the success of your child in mind.

Work Stations

Educational Mentorship and Academic Advocating

A Comprehensive Approach

College Students

Life Skills and Educational Success Skills

Expert Guidance


Subject Specific Tutoring
Grades K - College

The Path to Success


What Parents and Students are Saying

My son was a senior  and I was constantly fighting with him about schoolwork and grades. I knew he'd be leaving for college soon and didn't want to argue with him any more.  The THRIVE team made sure he got all his work done, helped to increase his GPA and taught him college success skills.  They alleviated all the school stress with our son and let me love him and enjoy him the last year he was home! Priceless!

Kim Losey

We just finished our third year with the THRIVE team and can't imagine what it would be like without them.  Our son has grown so much academically with their help since 4th grade.  He shines amongst his classmates and his teachers are all impressed with how much he knows and understands.  THRIVE's life coaching and constant communication with his teachers and us helps us to keep him on track.  In fact, he's doing so well his school wants to put him in advanced classes next year!  This team not only teaches our son but does so with love and nurturing.

Maggie Shepherd

Thrive is AMAZING!!!  My daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and is ADHD and I didn't know how to help her. And I didn't have the time.  They helped me survive middle school with my daughter and her first year of high school. As a single mom,  I am so busy working and needed someone to watch over my child.  They made sure that she was doing well in all her classes and the constant communication with her teachers and us was amazing!!!  All I can say is "thank you, thank you, thank you" to Thrive."

Debbie Zwilling

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