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I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Thrive. My son was hoping to improve his SAT score. He worked with Ms. Randee for six sessions before retaking his test. He was able to improve his score by almost 200 points! I appreciated her sending me her notes after each session. Ms. Randee’s feedback was very helpful. We knew exactly where our son needed to focus more and which he areas he was doing great. Thank you again Thrive and Ms. Randee! With your help our son has been accepted to attend his first college pick!


My son is taking an SAT language and math prep program for 8 weeks that is amazing. Randee's tutors created an individualized program to work specifically on his weaknesses!! These lessons are a little costly but totally worth it!!!!


My son Andrew is in fourth grade and we have Thrive working with him for two years now. He has difficulty focusing and we didn't want to give him ADHD medication. Ms. Randee works with him and has taught him incredible skills to make him successful and productive in school!


We feel so fortunate to have worked with Randee Simon and her team as they provided invaluable help to our son during the college application process. They really helped guide our senior on how to make his common app essay stand out. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the schools that my son was applying to with key insight and feedback on what these schools were looking for. Randee was incredibly flexible to work with and she’s been a blessing providing direct, honest, key feedback to help our son in shaping his essay. In addition, Randee kept me informed of my son’s progress along the way. With her expertise and knowledge, his essay and application is so much stronger!


My daughter had a dream of going to college but found herself struggling. Randee had a tremendous amount of patience with her. She taught her to focus, taught time management and organizational skills. She collaborated with her teachers and guidance counselors. She is now a flourishing junior in college. We are forever grateful to Randee and Thrive.


My daughter took the Executive Functioning Skills program with Thrive for 8 weeks and it's great to see the skills she learned for school working!!! She's more organized and doesn't put off doing things any more and best of all her grades have gone up and I am not fighting as much with her!


My son has seen great strides since working with Ms. Randee. Her patience and guidance are incredible. We appreciate all the work she has done to help our son.


Ever since my daughter began tutoring she's been doing awesome in school. She knows the work before it's even taught. Loves her tutor. Our tutor's teaching skills allows her to understand perfectly! Awesome experience!!


Our path crossed with Ms. Simon and we immediately began to have our son work with her.  He had 4 F's and was failing the semester in those classes.  With life coaching and THRIVE teaching him organizational skills and time management, all his grades went up and he passed all his classes!!!  We are thrilled with not fighting with him about school and seeing him succeed.


My son needed to increase his GPA and get better SAT scores to get into the collge of his dreams.  THRIVE's SAT BOOT CAMP taught him the test skills he needed and worked with all of his teachers every week, making sure all his work was done.  I am one happy mom!
I learned that you get what you pay for.


My daughter was slacking in school and I didn't know what to do.  A friend told me about THRIVE.  Now we are one year down the road and very happy with what we saw their tutors do.  Top notch tutor teachers who are patient and know their stuff.  We are using them this summer to prepare her for high school.


I am a single dad raising my son and am too busy to keep up with my twins school work.  I hired THRIVE in October and am happy I did.  They have constant communication with me and my children's teachers and guidance counselor and principal.  I could never do what they do and appreciate the help.  It's important to me that my kids graduate and are successful and this help is priceless!  Thank You Thrive...see you in August.

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