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My Client Testimonials

Client 6


Freshman at Royal Palm Beach HS

Our path crossed with Ms. Simon and we immediately began to have our son work with her.  He had 4 F's and was failing the semester in those classes.  With life coaching and THRIVE teaching him organizational skills and time management, all his grades went up and he passed all his classes!!!  We are thrilled with not fighting with him about school and seeing him succeed.

Client 4


Got a scholarship to a good college

My son needed to increase his GPA and get better SAT scores to get into the collge of his dreams.  THRIVE's SAT BOOT CAMP taught him the test skills he needed and worked with all of his teachers every week, making sure all his work was done.  I am one happy mom!
I learned that you get what you pay for.

Client 1


A Step In the Right Direction

My daughter was slacking in school and I didn't know what to do.  A friend told me about THRIVE.  Now we are one year down the road and very happy with what we saw their tutors do.  Top notch tutor teachers who are patient and know their stuff.  We are using them this summer to prepare her for high school.

Client 7


Excellent  Communication

I am a single dad raising my son and am too busy to keep up with my twins school work.  I hired THRIVE in October and am happy I did.  They have constant communication with me and my children's teachers and guidance counselor and principal.  I could never do what they do and appreciate the help.  It's important to me that my kids graduate and are successful and this help is priceless!  Thank You Thrive...see you in August.

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